Juan Padrón - Book Designer

Need a Book Cover Designer ?

Hi ! i'm a Venezuelan book designer.. i have done more than 200 books already and i offer my services to you.. ebook, softcover, hardcover, hardjacket, audiobook.. anything you need. I'm an Ex Platinum designer from 99designs.com,  and i work as a Freelance.

My favorite genres ar Horror / Paranormal / Thriller / Suspense / Sci-Fi /  Crime / Fiction 

If you wish to know more about my work i can send you some designs with no problem. I use paypal; you put the price for the work you need and i'll include even 3D mockups for advertisement. I have no revision limits, so i can make any tweak or change with no aditional cost as you need, whenever you need with life warranty for my service, contact me and make your book a boom ! you pay only in the end.. you didn't like the design at all ? you don't have to pay anything !
No revision limits ! Life Warranty for any change or future Tweak !

Need Book Cover Design ?

  • Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela